UK Rankings

Season starting January 2023

# Player Score
1 Tom Robinson 352.60
2 Chris Lynch 348.00
3 Simon Brand 347.94
4 Ed Herzig 339.83
5 Michael Smith 331.27
6 Richard Luke 329.38
7 John Quayle 320.07
8 Andy Marshall 319.50
9 Jon Gunns 317.13
10 Paul Burke 316.80
11 James Mitchell 307.39
12 Simon Cooper 292.45
13 Aaron Rankin 291.20
14 Simon Tanner 291.19
15 Robert Hutson 284.91
16 Richard Jackson 284.36

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Upcoming Events

30th Sep - Kings of War at the LGT Lee Valley Athletics Centre, London

7th Oct - Ambush at Atlas Atlas Tabletop Gaming, Gloucester

7th Oct - The War up North Element Games, Manchester

7th Oct - Gamers For Life LeadBelt Games Arena, Nottingham

14th Oct - The Mean Squeaks of Bristol 23 Bristol Independent Gaming, Bristol

22nd Oct - War of the Roses BCS Stewart Village HALL, Wallingford, South Oxfordshire

4th Nov - Battle of Frost Peak Tabletop Republic, High Wycombe

4th Nov - King Beyond the Wall 10 Common Ground Games, Stirling


11th Nov - Kings of Warfare II Farnborough Exhibition Centre, Farnborough

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