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If you wish to change your profile visibility, amend your pseudonym or have any other questions or queries, please contact and we will respond as soon as possible.

Some players are uncomfortable with their name and history being published on the site. We have two levels of privacy available:

  • Pseudonym
  • Hidden


We can set a player's name to anything that they wish. Some players choose to have their name set to a fake name instead. This way they still appear in the leaderboards and their stats are available, but it doesn't display their real life name on a public site.

If you have privacy concerns then we highly recommend this option.

We do not otherwise store a player's real name so please make sure that the tournament organisers for any future events know what your pseudonym is. If they submit your results with your real name attached then they will be added as a new player altogether rather than added to your existing profile.

If an additional profile has been created, please contact us and we can combine it under your original profile.

We reserve the right to reject inappropriate pseudonyms at our own discretion.


The alternative option is to completely hide your profile altogether.

If this option is chosen then your name will be removed from the database and the profile will not be visible on any of the Leaderboards. Any results pages will show "Anonymous" instead for the relevant placing and users will not be able to manually access your profile page. The results will need to be stored in the database for functionality and rank calculations, but they will have no player name identifying them.

If your profile is hidden then you will be unable to qualify for Masters.

At future events, please ensure that the TO is aware that you do not wish for your results to be available on the website.

In the future we may be unable to unhide your existing profile if requested. This means that if your profile is hidden then it is likely that you will need to start again from scratch if you change your mind.

We highly recommend using a pseudonym instead.