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Score Calculations

At the end of each event, players are given a score for the purpose of the KoWMasters Leaderboard. The detail of the formula used to generate this score is below.

For the new season starting November 2019, the formula will be tweaked. The "classic" formula was based on the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles organised play scene which was centered around larger two day events. The Kings of War scene has turned out to rely primarily on single one-day events instead. The classic formula does not accurately reflect this scene and gave too many points for the rarer two day events. For this reason, the revised formula was created.

The details of the revised formula will be released once finalised.

Previous seasons will not be recalculated with the revised formula. The points earned under the classic formula will remain.

Note that whichever method each individual event uses to determine their winners doesn't factor into the calculations. How the players are ranked at any one event doesn't matter, just that they are ranked.

Overall Score

For both versions of the formula, only a player's top four scores in the season count towards their overall score used for the Leaderboard. Faction Leaderboards are calculated with the top three scores for that faction.


From season starting November 2019 the formula changed to lessen the gap between a one day and two day events.

The maximum number of points for an event is:

(60 + [No. players]) + [Round Weight]

  • [No. Players]: The number of players attending the event. This has a minimum of 10 and a cap of 30. Any event over 30 players counts as 30 for the ranking score.
  • [Round Weight]: An event must have at least 3 games/rounds to be ranked as a single day event and 5 games/rounds over 2 days to be ranked as a weekend event. A Single day event has a round weight modiier of 0, a Weekend event has a round weight modifier of 10.

The winner of the event recieves the maximum points. Other players reciece a portion of these points based on their finishing position, determined lineraly.


A single day event has 20 players:

(60 + [20] + [0]) = 80

The winning player at this event will have 80. Each placing after that will reduce the score recieved by 4, so the 2nd place will get 76 points, third place 72 and so on.

Score Calculator

Click here for the score calculations depending on season.